Anaesthesia Workstation -Meditec England Galaxy
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Key Features:
  • Manufacturer : Allied medical ltd.
  • Available for Inspection : No
  • Warranty Available :
Title Anaesthesia Workstation -Meditec England Galaxy
Category OT & ICCU Equipments
SubCategory Anaesthesia Trolley
Manufacturer Allied medical ltd.
Available for Inpection No
Warranty Available
Features:Large 15” color LCD touch screen displays all ventilator setting data,measurement information, loops and numeric/graphic trends.,A choice between Electronic/ cascaded dual flow meters for O2,N20, Air with a back-up flowmeter for emergenc,A host of safety features:Mechanical and safe Hypoxic Guard,Backup O2 control independent of electrical failure,Fail proof audio visual Oxygen failure alarms,Set and User defined priority alarms,Integrated pressure, volume and oxygen monitoring,ACGO allows use with semi open circuits,Different Ventilator screen layouts and modes including VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, Standby, Manual and a combination of modes.,Tidal volume compensation and electronic PEEP,Cardiac By-pass mode,Dual/Triple manifold mounting of vaporisers
Temperature, Flow and pressure compensated agent specific vaporisers,designed to deliver precise and accurate concentrations,Automatic Absorber Heating Technology to avoid water condensation,Quick and automatic changeover from manual to mechanical ventilation and vice-versa
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