Anaesthesia Trolley
Key Features:
  • Manufacturer : Universal Surgical
  • Available for Inspection : No
  • Warranty Available : No
Title Anaesthesia Trolley
Category OT & ICCU Equipments
SubCategory Anaesthesia Trolley
Manufacturer Universal Surgical
Available for Inpection No
Warranty Available No
Aurion Compact Trolley has a one-piece, round-edged unit made of Baydur polyurethane (produced by Bayer AG) that can be washed , disinfected and acid, alkaloid and solvent-resistant. The trolley has a 4-sided molded containing rim to avoid spill and falling of material Safety handles are molded into the body. The standard body also includes 4 wheels, 125mm -3 with brake and 1 anti-static, 2 clear plastic swinging pockets for IV bottles and patient files, a stainless steel AISI304 medication basin, medication drawer,
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