Nidek Oxygen Concentrator
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Key Features:
  • Manufacturer : Technocare
  • Available for Inspection : Yes
  • Warranty Available : No
Title Nidek Oxygen Concentrator
Category Medical Gases & Equips.
SubCategory Oxygen Concentrator
Manufacturer Technocare
Available for Inpection Yes
Warranty Available No
Quiet Operation – Sound Level less than 47 dBA
Lightweight – 22.7 Kgs – Easy to move
Slender & Sleek design with integrated handle
Easy access to filters & battery
Superior grade of molecular sieve
Patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve
Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly
Reinforced base with recessed casters to guard against breakage
Spring mounted high efficiency Thomas compressor
Patented RPSA (Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption)
Simple design for ease of use & maintenance
Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator 5 Lts
30000 43050
Respironics EverFlo
45000 50000
Phillips A 40 Home Ventillator
100000 250000
PHILIPS Simply Go MINI Portable Oxygen Concentrator
175000 260000
Oxygen Concentrator
32000 34000
Finni Pippette
8000 11000
Everflo Oxygen Concentrator
44000 47000
Oxygen Respironics
30000 50000
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