AirSep NewLife Oxygen Concentrator
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Key Features:
  • Manufacturer : AirSep
  • Available for Inspection : Yes
  • Working Condition :
  • Warranty Available : No
Title AirSep NewLife Oxygen Concentrator
Category Medical Gases & Equips.
SubCategory Oxygen Concentrator
Manufacturer AirSep
Available for Inpection Yes
Working Condition
Warranty Available No
Accessories-Humidifier and Filter
Not serviced even once, used only for 6 months
Model -Newlife Intensity 10
Brand- Airsep
NewLife Intensity from the brand of Airsep is capable of producing an estimated 10 liter per minute (LPM) oxygen at an efficient power of only 410 watts. This is one the most efficient device with an unbelievable rate of power consumption. The NewLife Intensity 10 LPM oxygen concentrator does not require a separate external compressor for its operation. Airsep''s Newlife Intensity Oxygen Concentrator effectively uses high pressure coupled with high flow to produce power. It also has an efficient outlet pressure almost three times higher than most of the conventional concentrators.
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