bulletOxygen Hood Pediatric
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Title bulletOxygen Hood Pediatric
Category Medical Gases & Equips.
SubCategory Medical Gas Outlet
Available for Inpection
Warranty Available Yes - 0 months
Transparent Acrylic for easy visibility,Neck Port adjustment to minimize the wastage of oxygen,Two side port to access procedures easily,Oxygen inlet Port,O2 cell Port/temperature port,Various size for Pediatric /Infant/Neonatal,Transparent Polycarbonate unbreakable single molded,Silicon rubber Neck Port adjustment to minimize the wastage of oxygen,Silicon rubber Neck port adjustment ensures can be used Neonate/Infant/Pediatric patients,Oxygen inlet Por,O2 cell Port/temperature port
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30000 43050
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45000 50000
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100000 250000
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175000 260000
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32000 34000
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8000 11000
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44000 47000
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30000 50000
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