nice 5040 - Oxygen Analyser
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Title nice 5040 - Oxygen Analyser
Category Medical Gases & Equips.
SubCategory Analysers
Available for Inpection
Warranty Available Yes - 0 months
Oxygen Monitor offers exceptional flexibility and reliability with large hi-bright LED display,Developed using state-of-the-art design and the latest manufacturing technique,The microprocessor based Oxygen Monitor offer a range of unique standard features that set these models apart from the competition,Low Power draw allows the units to operate continuously for 20 hours in the rechargeable battery,Low battery alarm, Sensor Fail alarm, Calibration error alarm.,Oxygen sensor providing superior long-term stability and accuracy.,Constructed from high impact resistant materials, these rugged instruments provide unparalleled performance under the harshest conditions,Ideally suited for use in Neonatology, Respiratory care, and Anaesthesia applications.
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