Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine
Key Features:
  • Manufacturer : Technocare
  • Available for Inspection : Yes
  • Warranty Available : No
Title Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine
Category Medical Gases & Equips.
SubCategory Air Compressor
Manufacturer Technocare
Available for Inpection Yes
Warranty Available No
Technical Specification:

Dimension : 220*94*112mm
Weight < 2kg
Operation transport and storage
Temperature 5-40 to 20-55 ( degree cen. )
Atmospheric pressure 86 to 106kpa n/a
Standard compliance
IEC 60601-1 general requirement for safety of medical electrical equipment.
Mode of operation : continuous
AC: power consumption: 100-240vac. 50/60hz
Type of protection against electric shock:class 2 equipment
Degree of protection against electric shock type bf applied part.
Degree of protection against ingress of water
Pressure range 2-20hpa
Pressure stability 2-20hpa
Maximum flow >15lpm
Pressure display accuracy /_ 0. 5hpa
Sound level <30db
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